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Matrix International Jodhpur based Export Company which deals in High Quality Traditional Indian Furniture, Modern and Contemporary furniture & Traditional Indian Handicrafts.

The Land :- Jodhpur is the second largest city of the state of Rajasthan in India. Jodhpur also known as suncity is world famous for its Hand crafted wood furniture. Jodhpur was former capital of Marwar state, was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha who claimed descent from Lord Rama (the hero of the epic Ramayana). Exploring the city promises you a delightful encounter with an array of tempting art and craft creations as also the unusual lifestyle and costumes. Jodhpur has been drawing the attention of tourists from all over the world. Standing as the sentinel of the country's western border, Jodhpur is famous for its magnificent forts and palaces.


Products :- Our range of products includes high Quality handcrafted wooden furniture for your living Room, bedroom, dinning room, Kitchen etc in Traditional Design as well as in modern & contemporary design. We hold an enviable product range – constituting items starting from table coasters to full length wardrobes and covering small products like small boxes to large dining sets.


Design:- Our Research & Development staff working on new designs in co-ordination with our designers we always try to innovate new furniture collection. If you have any concept or any idea of furniture collection do inform us our designing staff will design the furniture collection of your choice. And rest assured the design that you send us will be kept guarded so you do not face the risk of loosing exclusivity and paints and stains used are certified as ECO-friendly.


Quality :- We take outmost care at all stages of the manufacturing process so that Furniture imported from our company achieves total customer satisfaction. We have incorporated procedures and checks at every step of production which eliminates the margin of error and ensures that every piece is of high quality.




MATRIX INTERNATIONAL is also committed to safety and the environment. We use harmless glue and lacquers according to the EU standards and have several certifications as well. The entire manufacturing and quality assessment procedures are laid down and adhered to strictly.




Live Edge furniture (MADE WITH ACACIA WOOD)

live edgelive edge

live edge wood refers to the natural edge of the wood keeps the original lives of the trunk along its edges. Portraying the wood in its very naturalistic and raw state.
Live edge wood first became popular in the 1940s by George nakashima and has grown to be used for nearly any piece of furniture or home touch Iron tables, benches, headboards.

Live edge or natural edge is a style of furniture where the furniture designer or craftsman/craftsperson incorporates the natural edge of the wood into the design of the piece.

Mango wood furniture
Mango wood is derived from the mango trees. The mango tree is evergreen and grows to an average height of between 15 and 18 meters (50 to 60 ft.).

As an alternative wood source to traditional furniture material like oak and maple, mango wood is perfect.
Technically mango is a hardwood with dense grains, so it has the strength to bear the weight necessary for chairs and heavy tables but it’s still soft enough that its relatively easy to work with, requiring no special tools on behalf of the manufacturers.



 How Durable is Mango Wood 
Unlike many other hardwoods, mango wood is relatively easy to work. This makes it an excellent choice for carpentry and furniture making. It’s a densely grained wood. You are advised to keep it dry and away from sources of heat for any prolonged amount of time. Mango has similar levels of durability to other hardwoods such as ash and oak.
Mango wood is highly sustainable due to its cultivation as a fruit tree. The trees grow to maturity relatively quickly for a hardwood, reaching maturity after about 15 years. 

Bone inlay furniture
The intricate and timeless art of bone inlay is a tradition that has been handed down through generations and is practised in Udaipur, Jaipur and Jodhpur regions of Rajasthan in INDIA. The art of bone inlay has its origins in the royal palaces of Rajasthan, where Maharajas commissioned extravagant inlay furniture such as cabinets, chests, tables, chairs and even mirrors.
Inlay is the technique of inserting pieces of contrasting material into depression made on a base object. In bone inlay, the discarded bones of camels, passed away due to natural causes are used. So one can enjoy these fine furniture pieces without feeling guilty because no animal is harmed.

The best part of bone inlay furniture is that they are visually stunning with beautiful and unique pattern and no two pieces are same. These furniture are truly extravagant and so exquisite that one cannot deny the craftsmanship involved. These furniture are available in pastel shades and also in subdued lighter colours such as white bone inlay. These splendid furniture pieces are sure to draw attention and complement a monochromatic space.


















Mother of pearl known as Nacre, is an organic –in organic composite material produced by some molluscs as an inner shell layer. It also makes up the outer coating of pearls. It’s strong, resilient and iridescent.
To protect the inside of their shells from parasites and foreign irritants the mollusc coats it with nacre – an organic substance that gives MOP its iridescent effects and distinct beauty.

Epoxy Furniture
The idea and the trend of the so-called Epoxy furniture come from the USA like so many others. In the last years a real epoxy resin furniture fever has broken out all over the world because these furniture are very modern but at the same time also extremely noble and high-quality. In addition, they are real eye-catchers and radiate an exotic beauty.
Above all, the Epoxy furniture create a very exciting contrast through the combination of wood and mostly dyed resin and are therefore extremely appealing for most people. The special thing about these pieces of furniture made of wood and resin, however, is that they cannot be assigned to any style direction and appeal to very different furnishing styles.

There are no limits to creativity in the crafting of Epoxy furniture: from the most exotic variants with vivid colors and structures and extravagant design to more conservative, clean designs, with neutral or more transparent colors, almost anything is possible.


Sleeper Wood Furniture
Wooden sleeper/ Railway sleeper also called railroad tie or railway crosstie, is a rectangular support for the rails in railroad tracks. 

The wooden sleeper has the characteristics such as elasticity, simple in making, good insulation properties etc. Fasteners simply connect to the wooden sleepers and it’s easy to lay, maintenance and transport.

There are a variety of options when it comes to making a wooden sleeper coffee table. By far the simplest is to create a low, Japanese style table by just lining up a few sleepers together – you don’t even need legs for it! 

Reclaimed Wood Furniture
Reclaimed wood furniture comprises of one of the most popular interior design trends these days. One of the reasons that it’s catching on so fast is because it represents a totally in-demand concept right now: reusability. Moreover, it’s different, unique, and has the charming ability to imbue even the most austere spaces with an inviting look. Not only is reclaimed wood beautiful, it can be a much greener and more affordable option than using new timber.
These days, reclaimed wood furnishings are being used in all sorts of projects – be it residential or commercial. People love their powerful aura of preserved history. But more than that, everyone is finally embracing the great benefits of using salvaged wood furniture. Still don’t know many? Well, let’s take a look then:

“Benefits of using the reclaimed wood” 
1) If you use reclaimed wood then you are not felling an entire tree rather you are up cycling a piece of wood (or several) that needs a new purpose. Its new forest friendly.
2) Reclaimed wood tends to be from much older, larger trees which overall implies more integrity and stability in the wood planks. It’s usually better quality. Its sources can be – old barns, railway ties and even wine barrels.
3) Reclaimed wood has lots of character and no two pieces are same. Each piece of reclaimed wood has different grains and texture. 
4) When use reclaimed wood to redo your floors you can ever potentially reduce your carbon footprint and you reduce the amount of energy and material used to produce brand new wood flooring plus you save money and time both.
5) Incredibly versatile: The visual and functional versatility of reclaimed wood furniture is very diverse. if you’re searching for some great furniture pieces to accessorize commercial projects like hotels, then reclaimed wood could help you add warmth and fascination to the ambiance. It’s classic, iconic, and instantly statement worthy!


 We realize the importance of each and every tree that is used in making furniture and other household items. We also realize the importance of participation by every individual in protecting the trees and the environment. Therefore, as an individual and as an organization, it is our responsibility to contribute and ensure that the future generations are not robbed off a tree’s shade on a sunny day.

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